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Welcome to Breakin 80 Golf! Why Breakin 80? For better than 20 years I carried a 7 handicap... (7+72=79) I broke 80!!! Now you know how the name came about... I believe if I can self-teach myself to break 80.... and with my experience in the nuclear power industry, I could help others reach that mystical score. How we do this is really quite simple: we take the four main areas of the golf game: Driving, Approach, Putting and Course Management, to improve enough in each of these areas to shoot 79! After 30+ years as an instructor in the nuclear power industry, 30+ years of playing golf, I have decided to help those golfers who are looking to improve their abilities. From all my years as an instructor in the nuclear power industry, I learned students learned best when they could feel what the are trying to do. This is true for golf students as well. My focus is to identify those "fatal flaws" in one's swing and make the necessary adjustments. The process is by using feel methods to make the corrections, the students feels and realizes what we are trying to do much quicker and with better comprehension. A "Fatal Flaw" is that one, two or three items that a student is doing that unless corrected... will prevent that student from getting any better. Remember:
 If you think you can't... you never will.... If you believe... you will achieve!

We only train on the golf course except for initial training session before we start on the driving range.
The fees are as follows; $100.00 per session for one on one for the the 18 hole session. The  student is responsible for range balls as well, We can make all reservarions and just pay us for everything at the end of the lession. ($100,00 instruction fee + green and range bucket fees for the two of us).

Breakin 80? In the entire population of golfers, only about 2% ever "BREAK 80". In the world of sports, where else can you work on your skills, at any age, to get into the top 2% of the playing population? Think about that.... That is amazing.... WHAT A SPORT!!!!

Michael Orlando: An Introduction:
  • 2002 Michelob Amature Golf Tournament Senior Division Champion, Tampa Florida
  • 2001 - 2013: Several top 5 finishes in 9 different amature golf tournaments.
  • 2000-2003: Golf Tournament Director: Managed a total of 7 tournaments in the Virginia Beach area.
  • Coached Soccer for 9 years at 4 different levels
  • Studied "biomechanics" for training employees in the nuclear power industry.
  • 30 years as an instructor in the nuclear power and defence industries.


The Swing Caddie SC100 is a portable golf launch monitor that provides instant visual feedback and stats for each club.
Practicing the same golf swing over and over again can quickly get boring and static. Swing Caddie shows you the carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor for each ball and club, and it has three play modes to make every swing interesting and enjoyable.
Swing Caddie provides instant visual feedback and stores stats for each club in three modes:
Practice Mode, Target Mode, and Random Mode. We work in different modes depending on what we are trying to achieve and to keep the training stimulating.

Practice Mode:
Practice mode displays your shot distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor as well as your time played and total shot count. Swing Caddie will automatically register your swing and displays the information until your next shot.

Target Mode:
Target mode lets you set a target distance to challenge your consistency. Just tell the device what distance you plan to hit and with what club and once you hit the ball it will give you a score out of 10 to show how close you were to your target as well as all your other stats.

Random Mode:
Random modes sets random target distances to challenge your accuracy. The Swing Caddie gives you random targets and again marks you out of 10 for accuracy and then provides you with another target distance.

  • Virginia Beach, VA

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